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Fastest & Best Way to Send Yourself Notes

This app will let you send a message to yourself as soon as you can type it out! First line of the message will become the subject of the email, and the rest will become the body.
No ads. This app is currently in beta – let me know if you encounter any issues.

Note there will a Pro version later – tags, widgets, sharing, etc…

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Q: So all this does is send an email to myself? Can’t I just do it myself through my email app?

A: Yes and yes. But if you’re like me and you send yourself notes all the time, time savings of 50% make this app very useful. Sending from your email takes longer because you need to:

  1. Open the email app (which takes longer to launch).
  2. You have to hit compose.
  3. Select yourself as recipient.
  4. Type the subject.
  5. Type the body.
  6. Tap Send

Where as with mynderMail you just:

  1. Open mynderMail.
  2. type your whole note in one textarea (including the subject).
  3. Tap Send
Q: I have an idea for a feature. Can you have the app do X?
A: Probably, though the Free version is fairly complete. Most of the new features will be added to the Pro version when it is released. You can send your suggestions to me, and if it’s not already on the list and the suggestion makes it into the app, I’ll gift you a Pro version.

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